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Baku State University

Baku State University is one of the leading educational institutions in Azerbaijan. the University also is the oldest and biggest university of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Activities of the university has historically cover a broad spectrum and utilise extensive international contacts in the sciences. Currently Baku State University has 37 scientific research and teaching labs, which cover both the natural and humanitarian spheres.  University offers 17 majors, these being bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. The BSU community is composed of successful researchers who have produced substantial bodies of research in their specific areas and also a multicultural place of learning, enjoying a strong national and ever-increasing international reputation for producing well-prepared graduates. Baku State University is an active member of various esteemed associations and institutions, including the Association of Universities of Eurasia, Association of Universities of Caspian Sea States, Association of Universities of the Black Sea States, the Association of European Universities. Baku State University has more than 18.000 Academic staff, 1500 Faculties, 17 Research Institutes, 2 Research Laboratories. The University`s faculty and staff have always chosen on the basis of their supportive position. 

Baku State University also builds its international relations. Currently BSU has membership in various associations and institutions as Association of Universities of Eurasia. Between 2002-2004, BSU led the Association of Universities of Black Sea States. Furthermore, the university has signed agreements on scientific and technical co-operation, student-teacher exchange programs with Moscow State University, Middle East Technical University, Nice-Sofia Antipole University, Indiana University, Kyiv National University, Vienna University and other high-ranking universities.

The decision on establishment of university in Baku was made on 01 September 1919 during the assembly of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic’s Parliament – a new educational center, where Europe and Asia joined was created. The University started its 1steducational year with two faculties – faculty of philology and medical faculty with 1094 students. The 1st rector was the professor of the Kazan University, well-known surgeon V.I. Razumovski.

The leading teachers of the University in 1920-30 were the genius Azerbaijani writer Abdurrahim bey Haqverdiyev, well known orientalist – Profesor P.K. Juze, Proffesor A.O. Makovelski, Professor A.O. Mishel and other well-known scientists. During that period the administration of the university invited famous teachers to Baku. N.Y. Marr, V.V. Bartold, the academician of the Eastern Science Academy FuadbeyKuprulluzadewere among these people. The well-known fellow countryman, laureate of the Nobel award L.D. Landau studied at the university during 1922-1924.

Unfortunately, in 1930 the university was liquidated according to the decision made by Council of the People’s Commissar on reorganization and instead there was created High Pedagogical Institute. Only in 1943 the State University resumed its activity and very soon became the Republic’s leading scientific-pedagogical center. Despite the great shortage of university teachers due to the fact that most of them went to Second World War, the university managed to keep its leading position. In 1945 the teachers of the University took active part in foundation of The Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. Most of the University’s functioning in the Republic, such as Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and others were founded on the basis of our University. The years following after the year 1969 can be considered as the years of development in the direction of knowledge and science. This is related with the coming of the world known graduate of the university Heydar Aliyev to the governing of Azerbaijan. Covering the wide historical period of time, during those years there were founded faculties on modern specialties, departments and about 30 scientific research laboratories started their activity. As a result a strong assurance of future development was created.

Baku State University is known as a leader of educational institutions, has a rich history and today it is known as one of the most famous scientific and educational centers of Republic of Azerbaijan. The University has been the center of thought and national thinking. Azerbaijan’s famous politician, Heydar Aliyev and thousands of well-known scientists, intellectuals, and outstanding diplomats have graduated from this university.


  • Bölümler


    Tuition fees


    4000 $


    1500 $


    1300 $


    1300 $


    1500 $

    Tourism and Hotel Management

    1500 $

    İnternational Relations

    2200 $

    İnternational Economy

    2200 $


    1800 $

    İnternational Trade / Logistics

    2200 $


    1600 $


    1600 $


  • Konaklama

    Prices for rental apartments around Baku State University become more expensive in the summer season, average rental fees range from 400-600 Azerbaijan Manats per month on Elmler Street.

    Annual accommodation fee of Baku State University is 1000 AZN ( 600 USD). The distance between the university and the accommodation is about 300 meters. 

  • Kayıt

    Necessary Documents for Enrollment

     High School Diploma
     Medical Certificate
     HİV/AİDS Certificate
     10 Photograph

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