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Baku Slavyan University

Baku Slavic University was establish in the period Miennium 2000 to the honour of the Russian Language and Literature Institute of the Republic of Israel for 50 years. Baku Slavic University plays an important powerful intellectual bridge role between Azerbaijan and European countries.

Baku Slavic University has good relations with foreign counties’ high schools such as France, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria and other countries after signing contracts and agreements that governed by the public and the scientific organizations. The list of the public and the scientific organizations:
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
Regional Academy of Personnel Management (Ukraine, Kiev)
Slavic University (Ukraine, Kiev)
"Ovidius" University (Greece, constant)
University of Shumen (Bulgaria, Shumen )
BXmelnitski Cerkask State University (Ukraine, Cerkassk)
Moscow State International Relations Institute (Moscow, Russia)
Institute of INALKO Eastern languages and cultures (France, Paris)


As for the facilities of Baku Slavic University, there are conference hall, sports hall, library and higher level assembly hall. Students ae encouraged from different amateur associations and scientific organizations to the department of sport sections. On the other hand, there is a Student Scientific Soceity that students from translations and information centers can be an active part and raise money for the charity projects.

As PR Overseas Education Counsuler, the percentage of our admission to the Baku Slavic University is 100%. All we need is your Passport, High School diploma and Transcript.






Slavyan University

2000 $

2000 $
Only Russian


What İncludes to Package Fees:

 Annual tuition fee
 To arrange Accommodation according to Student’request
 Permission to stay fee
 Medical İnsurance
 To get İnvitation letter from University
 Enrollment fee of the Universities
 DHL İnvitation letter to student’s address
 Visa Consultancy
 Airport Pick up
 3 days Hostel fee

 Free consultancy foe one year in our Kyiv, Ankara and Baku offices


  • Bölümler

    Courses for Bachelor Degree

    Tuition fees

    İnternational Relations(Azerbaijan)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Turkey)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Russia)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Germany)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Ukraine)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Polamd)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Czech)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Greece)

    1550 $

    İnternational Relations(Bulgaria)

    1550 $

    Translation and Interpreting (Russian)

    1550 $

    Translation and Interpreting (English)

    1550 $

    Translation and Interpreting (Bulgarian)

    1550 $


  • Konaklama

    Accommodation fee is 60 USD per month

  • Kayıt

    Necessary Documents for Enrollment

     High School Diploma
     Medical Certificate
     HİV/AİDS Certificate
     10 Photograph

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